How Many Homes Do We Need, Built Faster?

Building 1.5 million more homes in Ontario over the next decade is both unnecessary to address affordability and unlikely to occur. Building 1.0 million more homes would be sufficient, though still a challenge to achieve. Limited financial resources are best invested in infrastructure needed for sound and achievable development targets.

Should Housing Be Built on Ontario’s Greenbelt?

One of the great debates happening in Ontario these days is whether there’s enough available land on which to build new homes to accommodate a growing population. Or do further tracts of the Greenbelt need to open to make that happen? We’ll debate the issue with Jane Fogal, local and regional councillor for Halton Region; Rob Horne, former planning commissioner for the Region of Waterloo; and Chris Spoke, founder and CEO of the digital product studio August, and a Toronto-based real estate developer.

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